Filming stories with purpose.

Award winning director, producer, actress & revivalist.

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Documentary - Thy Neighbors
Documentary Ukrainian Voices

Film - "Thy Neighbors"

Based on the real life experiences of the Ukrainian people - "If you truly want to help Ukraine, then let our voices be heard: Stop the war!"
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Elena Beuca
Elena Beuca
Elena Beuca

I'm Elena, and this is my motto.

Faith and fear can’t coexist, you either feed one or the other - always choose Faith.
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Films - Talita Kumi
Talita Vertical PosterTalita Movie Poster

Feature Film - Talita

Winner of 10 consecutive film festivals for Best Feature Film - Jury and Audience Award. Based on a true story.
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Films - Dear Brother

Coming Soon - "Dear Brother"

Based on a true story, a film based on Elena’s journey in Romania while her older brother was in coma for 4 months.
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Films - The Dissenters

Coming Soon - "The Dissenters"

Join Elena on her 24 day spiritual journey to identify the role of the church in stopping the injustice done to the people affected by the war in Ukraine.
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Films - Dining with Dave

Coming Soon - "Dining with Dave"

Nothing connects people more than food. Join Dave as he travels through Europe as he shares his love for food with strangers who become friends.
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Giving Back - Kindness Ambassadors

Kindness Ambassadors

Kindness Ambassadors Foundation is using the power of arts, media and entertainment to restore hope and help people rise up in areas affected by poverty and crisis!
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Elena Beuca
Elena Beuca
Elena Beuca

Rise Up with Elena Beuca.

Join me and listen to my podcast Rise up where I talk about the process of spiritual growth and change in mindset to rise to a whole new level.
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Coming Soon - Elliel App

An exclusive platform for artists, and creators who are looking to present themselves or their content in front of a global audience.
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Elena Beuca
Elena Beuca
Elena Beuca

Be Extraordinary

Are you lost, afraid, or do you feel like you lost your purpose? I’m here to remind you that there is great hope and freedom on the other side of fear.
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Elliel hero image

Eliel is a streaming platform. Where you can engage with the ART and the ARTIST behind the work. Innovating the virtual creative experience with content made by the people, for the people. Talita Kumi  Foundation is passionate about unlocking The amazing potential within people and providing them with solutions,

so they can rise up  and then lift others.

*COMING SOON* - Join us and help others rise through Kindess Ambassadors

What's Elliel?


With Elliel App, you can network with other amazing artists from the comfort of your own home. You're also supporting non-profit because when you support an artist, part of the proceeds go directly towards helping a non-profit organization

Kindess Ambassadors


We  believe that arts and media are powerful ways of unlocking that potential, so we are actively working & creating  content  to encourage, nourish them to grow and  to move humanity forward so we can achieve  the greatest impact through our community of Kindness Ambassadors.

Rising people so they can lift others
Rising people so they can lift others
Rising people so they can lift others
Rising people so they can lift others

Elena Beuca Rogers Elena Beuca Rogers

Stories worth sharing

Let's work together, share ideas that will have impact in people's lives.
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Story Telling

Deeper meaning
It is through stories that we are able to create deeper connections with a global audience.

Helping Communities

Let's rise others
Through Talita Kumi Foundation we are able to help others and build stronger communities.
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Churches & Events

Sharing God's word
Book me to speak at events. I'm passionate to share God's work through my life experiences.
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Let's work together


Here are some answers for your questions

Do you do 1 on 1 coaching?

Yes! Depending on the availability – Please get in touch with me and my team and let’s see how we can serve you best.

How can we donate?

You can donate through the Talita Kumi website here.

Do you do public appearances at events, churches, or Ted Talks?

One of my passions is sharing with people through my experiences – Yes I love meeting new people and nothing makes me happier than when I see people rising up to their full potential.

How can we get in touch?

You can email me here.